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Xiaomi Unveils The 2nd-Gen Xiaoyi Smart Camera

Xiaomi has unveiled the XIaoyi Small Ants 2 smart camera in China. This camera can capture a fullHD (1920 x 1080) video at 25FPS, which is an improvement, considering the fact the original camera was limited to shooting 720p video

This camera ships with a 130-degree wide angle lens with f/2.0 aperture, and it uses a CMOS sensor from Panasonic, along with a new-gen S2LM image processing chip. Xiaomi has included the LDC distortion correction tech here, along with smartHDR technology. The Xiaoyi small ants 2 ships with ‘Human Detection’ feature, which is kind of self-explanatory, if a camera sports a human being in the room, it will alarm you. Now, this camera can perform all sorts of other actions, it can detect if someone raises a fist, for example. You can also use it as a baby monitor considering it has ‘Baby Crying’ feature as well, which will basically alarm you if a baby starts crying.

These are just some of the features built into this camera, it can also detect various other gestures, and has some extra features as well. On top of all this, Xiaomi is offering Ali cloud storage to those of you who purchase this cam, though keep in mind this model is also manufactured for the Chinese smartphone market, even though you’ll be able to use it outside of China, of course. This camera will be available in China soon, and it will cost 399 Yuan (rs.4080), in case you’re interested.

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