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Lenovo Moto G4 and G4 Plus Leak — What We Know & What to Expect!!!

Starting off, the duo are likely to sport several changes in design. The curved back panel is likely to be on its way out, with the leaked images so far pointing to a mostly flat back panel with rounded edges. The dimple, which seemed to be going away from Moto devices under Lenovo, does make an appearance in the renders of the device, albeit being a little less pronounced owing to the flatter back panel. The build materials of the device are likely to be plastic for the back. The frame, which usually is plastic in lower budget devices, appears to be metallic, although this could be a faux finish on plastic as well.

The front of the device has a few noticeable points. A lot of people are pointing out that the new Moto G4 which has been leaked does not bear a front stereo speaker setup. But, the Moto G 2015 aka the Moto G3 also did not have a front stereo speaker setup — the device appeared to have two front speakers, but the top “speaker” was the earpiece and the bottom speaker was a mono speaker for media. We do lose out on the front speakers in lieu of bottom firing speakers, which will share the bottom part of the frame with the charging port.

Another noticeable point on the front is the presence of an unidentified sensor below the 5.5″ display. The leaked renders are not clear on what it is, and the leaked images make it appear like more of a microphone hole rather than a sensor.

Perhaps the most interesting of all changes is the presence of the fingerprint sensor. Budget devices coming in from China have made fingerprint sensors commonplace in the Indian market, so the Moto G4 would have lost out entirely if it did not come with a fingerprint sensor. Lenovo did a good compromise and plans to release two variants of the Moto G4: the normal Moto G4 will not have a fingerprint scanner, while the Moto G4 Plus will. We’ve seen the squircle-shaped fingerprint scanner show up several times so far, so it is likely to be one of the major points of distinction between the two variants.

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