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Bangalore man’s Click of wife now Apple ad across globe!

Little did Ashish Parmar knew that a candid shot of his wife holding a diya in her hand will make its way to the eyes of millions of people. Now his friends from across the world are sending him selfies with huge billboards carrying his wife’s picture as the backdrop.

It all began on November 14, 2015, when the Bengalore-based professional photographer uploaded a picture of his wife on Instagram with the hashtag #ShotOniPhone6s. The picture captured his wife in a Saree with a diya cupped in her hands.

During the second week of December in 2015, Parmar received a phone call from Apple ,saying that the picture has been selected for their “Shot on iPhone” campaign. “They asked if I would like my wife’s photo ‘all over the world’. I was ecstatic. It was too good to be true, on both a personal and a professional level,” says Parmar.

Parmar is a professional photographer who handles high-end cameras and juggles exotic locations, and what’s come as a surprise is that it’s a picture of his wife taken on his phone camera that has put him on the world map today.

Apple’s kicked off theri ‘Shot on iPhone’ World Gallery campaign on February 1. They selected 53 photos captured by real people ,both professional and amateur — on their iPhone 6S or 6S plus and put up them on social media with the hashtag "#ShotOniPhone6s".
Ashish Parmar was the only Indian to be selected .

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